Custom Software Company Expands Reach in 30th Year


Approaching its 30th year and newest evolution as a company, Antares Technology Solutions was needing to find new opportunities and ways to increase business revenues and new clients through leveraging the company’s customer satisfaction track record and great depth of experience in custom software development and IT consulting.


After analyzing three years of sales and marketing data, CONVERGE identified critical process needs within sales and marketing to speed up the sales cycle, improve lead conversion, set realistic goals and position Antares in front of ideal clients. We delivered a comprehensive business development strategy and followed through with managing marketing and PR outreach campaigns while working closely with the President and VP of Sales and Marketing.


The execution of a flexible, but goal-oriented sales and marketing strategy resulted in the addition of 7,295 contacts into the marketing funnel within the first 5 months. All website traffic and digital engagement grew to an all-time high, new opportunities were uncovered through media outreach and sponsorship, and Antares began reaching over 2,000 people each month through digital and direct marketing.