Financial Services Company Builds Digital Marketing Strategy

Project Story

Precision Payment Systems (PPS) partners with businesses to find the perfect credit card payment solution on the market that suits their needs and lowers their rates. With strong sales and great business model, PPS approached us to help them develop their first marketing plan to accelerate brand awareness and growth.


With limited time and stiff competition from banks and large credit card companies, PPS needed a streamlined approach to attracting, converting and tracking marketing leads.


We mapped out PPS's customer journey through custom personas and defined specific content and strategies at each phase of the marketing funnel to attract, nurture, and convert prospects into customers. This included managing a redesign of their website, a major increase in targeted content development and distribution, and training their first marketing manager.


Overall website sessions, page views and time on-site increased, conversion goal completions went up 27%, email open rates soared above average, social media engagement went up 660% and social referral traffic up 133%. Blog content garnered the most page views on the site, helping to generate hundreds of new users from organic search.