Government Program Dramatically Increases Online Portal Users

Project Story

The Louisiana Clerk of Court Association (LCRAA) created a new online portal to allow online searchers the ability to find and access Louisiana land and marriage records.


To increase use of the Statewide Portal, thus benefiting parish clerks of court, LCRAA needed to increase the amount of internet traffic to the Statewide Portal website and convert that traffic into new account sign-ups.


After identifying the main audiences using the portal, where they were coming from, and why they were searching for these records, we constructed an SEO and SEM plan that would target them specifically. We then launched a concerted effort to build backlinks to the site and launch a paid search campaign to capture valuable traffic while the organic listings were rising.


In 3 months and a limited monthly ad budget, we generated:

  • 39,109 impressions of the website online

  • An increase of website users by 44%

  • 1,919 conversions to the new account sign up page

  • 1,442 new registrations (a 75% conversion rate)

  • Over 8,500 portal logins

See infographic below for a breakdown of the campaign:

LCRAA Records Searcher.png