Local Retailer Leaps Into Digital

Project Story

Opened in 1950, Jefferson Feed is a family-owned pet and plant store with six locations throughout Southeast Louisiana. They engaged us to help them improve their online presence. Their website had become difficult to update and they wanted to do a better job of communicating with their customers about new products and events.


Having relied on a reputable name and return customers for so many years, Jefferson Feed was now facing a lot more competition from online retailers and “big box” stores marketing convenience to new buyers coming into the market. These new customer’s shopping habits were changing and they weren’t as familiar with the Jefferson Feed brand.


After consulting with the client and analyzing their business data, we found that a large percentage of Jefferson Feed’s customers were primarily local pet-owners seeking expertise and hard-to-find products. We learned that Jefferson Feed’s customer service was second to none, which led to very high customer retention. With this in mind, we knew we needed to educate new customers about the value of Jefferson Feed, and get them to the stores to experience it first-hand.

We managed a complete overhaul of their online presence to create a new way for customers to learn about the brand and easily find what they needed. This included a website redesign, search engine optimization, social media strategy, content development, and digital advertising and e-commerce strategy.


Upon launching a much improved online presence, Jefferson Feed's website gained over 2,500 unique visitors each month from people located within 10-20 miles of their stores. Of those website visitors, 73% were from organic search and over 40% indicated an interest in buying a product or visiting one of their stores.